Winona will do anything to save her grandmother. She’ll even conquer death itself.




Sett Winona Shaw is one of the best tattoo artists in the Lunai Islands, having memorized all the ancient symbols that her patrons want on their skin. When her grandmother falls ill, Winona sets off on a dangerous journey through the Lava flows of Mount Killua to find the Wanderer, the powerful defender of the World Tree, and beg for his heplp to save her grandmother’s life.


Along the way as she faces violent creatures and makes new friends, she finds herself encountering powers granted by the very symbols she’d memorized. As conflict erupts between those who protect the World Tree and those trying to destroy it, Winona learns that her grandmother’s life isn’t her only responsibility. The Wanderer needs help protecting the World Tree, and Winona is the only one with the knowledge to help.








A world plagued by jin, mindless creatures who only know destruction. A defeated warrior, brought back to life without direction or purpose. A clumsy young man, desperate to prove his worth in battle.


Sett has dreamed of becoming a Wali his entire life. When the elite warriors arrive at his small town, blessed with unique powers and Truths, he jumps at the chance to join their ranks.


But the Wali have many secrets. As he undergoes rigorous tests and forges new friendships, Sett finds himself questioning everything he once longed for. Armed with a power known as Truth and a desire to protect his newfound friends, Sett will be forced to set aside his fears and insecurities, or else risk the fate of everyone he loves.


High Wali Raj has fought the jin for years. But when he is killed and comes back to life without his Truth, he is forced to sneak back to the front lines. As the jin grow stronger and Raj remains Truthless, he will have to abandon his pride and fight harder than ever for the survival of the Wali and everyone they protect.


Two lives, one purpose. Will the Wali be able to stop the jin from destroying all they hold dear?






This is what happens when Truths clash.


In order to learn the history of the jin, Sett and the Wali travel to Drakk, the mysterious kingdom that has isolated itself from the world. While traveling the large continent, the Wali are challenged to contests as they’re watched from all sides. The kingdom may hold the secret of the jin, but the Drakki Truthwardens guard it with their lives.


As the Wali face situations in which they are entirely unprepared for, Sett realizes he needs to stop relying on his kindred and grow beyond his Truth if he wants to live up to his potential and become the hero he’s always wanted to be.


Back in Shuoma, revolutions threaten Konen Rex’s reign, and the Wali present will have to learn new strategies if they’re to keep the Konen on the throne.



When the Wali in Drakk are confronted with impossible claims and unclear choices, each must decide the line where morality and duty are no longer compatible. With no one to trust, the wrong decisions could doom the entire world.